Our Vision and Guiding Principles

Our Mission
Minds On Africa Inc. is devoted to strengthening the African Community by connecting local citizens, ideas, and resources to help support African development efforts.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to have a caring, sharing, daring and hopeful community strengthened by its diversity, empathy and compassion. Minds On Africa is seen as a catalyst in strengthening the African community by bringing hearts, minds and resources together.

Minds On Africa connects brilliant, innovative youths with resources in the form of capital and partnerships with relevant federal and local governments, NGO’s, businesses, as well as academic and civil society organizations to help design and implement programs aimed at empowering marginalized members of African society. These programs (in collaboration with the aforementioned institutions/organizations) seeks to facilitate and enable economic, social, and political environment necessary for development.

Our Guiding Principles.

In consultation with our Board of Directors and partners, we continue to dedicate our work to connecting people, ideas, and resources. This guiding partnership principle emphasizes the importance of building relationships between partners and the local Sub Saharan African youths by strengthening their skills, knowledge and expertise in areas such as strategic planning, civic engagement, scholarship, innovation, mentorship, advocacy, organizational management, entrepreneurship, community development, and project development and management. Minds On Africa leverages governmental and non- governmental, academic, and corporate institutions to provide the technical and financial resources necessary for local communities to enact a sustainable community and economic development programs and practices.