Who We Are

Our Mission
Minds On Africa Inc. is devoted to strengthening the African Community by connecting local citizens, ideas, and resources to help support African development efforts.

Our Work

Minds On Africa Inc. is an organization that seeks to bridge the gap between empowering resources and the African community by helping people care for one another through capacity building, advocacy, youth empowerment, partnership, technological innovation, community participation, scholarship, social and economic entrepreneurship, and leadership. Minds On Africa focus and applies resources in targeted local community to strengthen their ability to help and lead themselves, and at the same time, facilitating the opportunity for scholars, volunteers and social entrepreneurs to implement innovative ideas that will be sustainable and be of impact to the targeted community.

Minds On Africa mobilize, motivate, and empower by providing young minds with the opportunity to help revolutionize the social, economic, and political practices of their communities while learning the vital skills necessary to become critical and innovative thinkers, entrepreneurs and leaders.

Through our Ubora Programs, we engage, challenge and empower local youths to play an active role in the development of their respective community.

Understanding the concept of UBORA.

The term Ubora means Excellence. It is derived from the Bantu language of the regions of Central Africa, East Africa, and Southern Africa. It is a term commonly used by the Swahili people. The application of this term to Minds On Africa programs is seen as a means of advancing excellence through partnership for the purpose of enabling Entrepreneurship, Mentorship, Scholarship and Leadership in African communities.

Our Strategic Alliance.

Minds On Africa connects brilliant, innovative youths with resources in the form of capital and partnerships with relevant federal and local governments, NGO’s, businesses, as well as academic and civil society organizations to help design and implement programs aimed at empowering marginalized members of African society. These programs (in collaboration with the aforementioned institutions/organizations) seeks to facilitate and enable economic, social, and political environment necessary for development.

Our Core Values.

At Minds On Africa, we believe our strength is rooted in our core values: entrepreneurship, scholarship, leadership, youth empowerment, mentorship, excellence, capacity building, partnership, innovation, integrity, and engaged citizenship.

These values are our legacy and our future. Our governance look to our core values to guide their decisions and actions, and our stakeholders draw inspiration from them. As we pursue our vision of having a caring, sharing, daring and hopeful community strengthened by its diversity, empathy and compassion, we never lose sight of our founding principles and our proud heritage. As our communities and organization continue to evolve, we’ll always stay true to who we are.